A woman of a certain age

I am not going to let age define me! There, I’ve said it. I don’t want to be a number in any way and my age is not going to be the definition of WHO I am. My life has been very full so far with so many mad and crazy experiences that I wouldn’t want to change for anything. I’ve learned a lot in my 50+ years and I’m really happy to have these opportunities where I can share my knowledge with others.

Timeless style
Silver hair

In my twenties or early thirties, when age was just a number and my face and body didn’t have the tell-tale signs that started to show up until my forties, I was lucky enough to be able to wear most things and not have to think too much about the “bare” bits or exposed skin. Now, with the lines and lack of elasticity which come with age and childbirth, there are so many more aspects to consider when choosing clothes. However, the knowledge I have regarding my own style doesn’t make me vulnerable to the “competition” of youth – I might not have the smooth, tight skin of a twenty-something but I know myself and what suits me from years of experience together with a confidence that only age CAN give. As long as I am aware of how to dress without misrepresenting myself by trying to be someone else, then I can make good decisions about my clothing without the worry of what others might think. I continue to choose to define myself through my style and I dress for myself because I know who I am.

Can you be seen or herd?

follow the herd or define your own style

There are different situations and periods in your life when what others think about what you wear matters more to you than how you actually want to look for yourself. In your early teens did you experiment with different ideas to express yourself and stand out or did you clone yourself to fit in with your group? You may have always found it easier/more comfortable to wear things that allowed you to fit in rather than expressing your true personality through your own style. It’s possible that you might just want to “blend” into the background so you’re less noticeable but still be present in the room. Dressing to conform can leave you with a lack of identity and it can be easy to fall out of the habit of expressing yourself in a more creative or individual way. Are you someone who is confident to speak to a group or do you shy away from the focus of attention? If your style doesn’t properly express who you are inside, you could start to lose your confidence and this could be limiting your ability to share your knowledge, expertise or real personality.

Clothing as therapy

There’s no getting away from it, you WILL experience changes in your body as you age. But if you have the right attitude to your style and continue to re-define it at certain points in your life you can unlock the restrictions that would otherwise lower your confidence and potentially hold you back. Over the years I have become “counsellor and confidant” to many lovely ladies who have trusted me to share their physical and emotional vulnerabilities in order to help them with their style. These are often strong women who might have lost some of their identity through the strains of life. Maybe a mother seeking to return to work but who has lost confidence through a change in body shape. Or someone going through a divorce or bereavement looking to gain confidence through outer style to help regain their inner strength. Enabling these gorgeous women to feel good about themselves has been my source of inspiration while I search for timeless clothing which enhances a REAL woman’s figure and doesn’t just follow a fashion trend.

By getting to know yourself through coaching, mentoring, therapy or counselling you will no doubt develop and allow your inner confidence to grow. Personal styling is also a very good way to increase your confidence and can to help bring out the person who is often hidden within.

Don’t let those 2 digit numbers paint a different picture of who you are. Put your trust in me to provide honest and valuable help as I support you in your continual style journey –whatever your age. To find out if we can work together simply click below for a FREE 20- minute digital style chat where I can get to know more about you and your personal style requirements.


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