Which Way Up?

Painting and hanging

It’s still very early in the season and I was excited to find the Pussy Willow tree when foraging yesterday. It always takes me back to my childhood with the soft little buds that are made for stroking. We’re just about to hang some of Robert’s paintings in different locations around the house as the change is always refreshing.

As art is after all subjective, sometimes a very abstract painting can ACTUALLY work better for your eye when it is turned a different way to what the artist intended. Here is “Walk the White Line” on it’s side looking just as amazing as when hung the correct way!

A painting may not always “work” where you had initially visualised it, so when you buy one of his paintings Robert is more than happy to hand deliver and help with the hanging. He discusses the room, the light and the way the sun comes around the house. Different options will be suggested before the painting is given it’s place in a room.