A Seasonal Shift

Gardening creates wardrobe space!

A job that probably needs doing 2 -3 times in our garden during the autumn is raking the leaves that completely cover our lawn. Trees in neighbouring land seems to only release their leaves in our direction as they’re blown with high winds, forced down with heavy downpours and then frost snaps off any last connection to the tree. My task of raking is purposeful as I know how good it is to keep healthy airflow – breathing space for the grass.

tidy and organise

So what has raking the lawn got to do with my wardrobe? Well, spending time outdoors in the garden reminds me that even with the warmer climate, there is still a seasonal shift and although my clothes have been adequate for the warmer autumn temperatures, there comes a time when certain things just “look” wrong for the time of year. The season dictates when its time to do a my bi-annual wardrobe edit.

Its all very well having a house with five floors, but our bedroom doesn’t allow for a lot of wardrobe rail space so I have to be extra organised to keep any sense of order! Just like raking the leaves into piles, it really is liberating to sort through your clothing twice a year removing out of season items whilst at the same time checking if everything is still wearable. By packing away clothing that is definitely not going to be worn for the next 5-6 months you can achieve an airy space allowing the current season’s clothing to “breathe” and be seen at its best. Why let a row of flowing summer dresses and skirts block your vision from seeing a nice pile of winter sweaters and spaciously hung trousers in autumnal colours?

wardrobe edit and storage

As my dream of having a walk-in wardrobe remains just that, its a matter of finding suitable space to store things. With minimal folding to avoid creases, I pack away my out of season clothing in (breathable) nylon storage boxes from Ikea. Due to their light weight, even when full these can be easily lifted. So whether they go on top of my wardrobe or under the bed I have hidden storage without changing the aesthetic of the bedroom. Hanging bags for longer dresses or items which are better not folded are really useful if you can transfer to another place. Fortunately for me, although it is “offsite” I can take these to our container where we have rails set up for clothing. You may have a wardrobe in another room like a guest bedroom or a cloakroom. Wherever you move it to, remember to bring back at the start of the next season or you could go shopping for items you already own!

wardrobe edit and organise

There isn’t much point caring for the lawn over the summer, only to neglect it in the autumn. Why buy lovely clothes and hardly wear them because they can’t be seen? Sorting out my wardrobe is a seasonal thing which helps me manage my space and in turn makes life easier. I can open my wardrobe doors and see everything clearly so that planning an outfit or just getting ready quickly for the day can be done without stress or ending up with a huge pile of clothes left on the bed! By following a few simple steps, you can become the master of your own wardrobe and even end up with some time to rake the leaves!

Don’t be overwhelmed by the task of giving your wardrobe a seasonal overhaul. I have the right tools for the job if you feel you need a hand. Simply click on the Button here to read a little more about how to get my support.